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Kabliji Hospital's achievements

Increasing survival rates at Kabliji Hospital

An eye examination at Kabliji HospitalAs a result of the hospital's presence, the health status of the village communities, over four generations, has improved markedly. Women who once had poor health and no ante-natal care, had high morbidity and suffered high child mortality. Regular ante-natal screening at Kabliji has enabled successive generations to remain healthy during pregnancy and produce healthy children. Increasing survival rates have meant families have fewer children. These children are in better health and are being educated.

The general medical clinic provides patients with the advice and treatment they need to reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases. Every effort is made to diagnose these conditions early, provide dietary and lifestyle information in the first instance, and treat the conditions when necessary to prevent long-term morbidity.

Increasing independence

Patients at Kabliji Hospital.Eye care has also changed the life experience of many. Kabliji ophthalmologists offer cataract operations and intra-ocular lens implants regardless of the patient's ability to pay. The number of people who were previously blind or partially sighted but can now see is seen by us as a success but the real impact of this return to sight is felt by the patients' family and friends and by their employers. If people can return to work they can support their families. If the elderly can see they are no longer dependent on their family for care, freeing all members to contribute much needed income.

A healthier population

The Trustees of Kabliji Hospital are realistic. We know we cannot solve the problem of the poor in India. We are certain however that we can improve the lives of the people in Ghamroj and the surrounding villages by enabling them to take charge of their own health. Immunisation, health and dietary advice has created a better informed and healthier population.

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Patients at Kabliji Hospital.

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