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Kabliji Hospital's dreams

There is so much more to do

An operation at Kabliji HospitalThere is so much more to do. We have dreams. To compete with increasing urbanisation in the area Kabliji Hospital must move with the times. We must invest in new, upgraded buildings and employ more staff. There are other hospitals closer to us now, but they do not provide the free or affordable service to the rural poor as we do. They do not have the track record and confidence of the village population as we do. They lack the sense of history and understanding we have developed over the last 35 years.

Health and wellbeing at Kabliji Hospital

We will continue to strive to maintain and improve the health status and wellbeing of the patients by:

Bullet point Further reducing maternal and infant mortality levels
Bullet point Maintaining and improving the health status of women and children
Bullet point Reducing communicable diseases and treating non-communicable diseases

Kabliji Hospital needs regular and sustainable funding

In order to achieve this we need regular and sustainable funding. Increasing our funding will also enable us, in the short -term, to:

Bullet point Develop a blue print for expansion of the hospital with the potential for medical education
Bullet point Explore possible collaboration with like-minded health providers to develop health delivery and medical education
Bullet point Maintain and improve the fabric of the existing buildings.
Bullet point Purchase an ambulance to reach patients needing tertiary care
Bullet point Purchase a vehicle to bring ophthalmic patients from the villages
Bullet point Purchase a vehicle to take consultants from Delhi to the hospital
Bullet point Purchase new ophthalmic apparatus to improve the range of treatments we can offer our eye patients

We are determined

We are determined to maintain and increase funding by:

Bullet point Applying for large grants from national and international organisations
Bullet point Increasing individual donations
Bullet point Increasing the amount of money received by covenant
Bullet point Charging those who can afford to pay for their IOL surgery
Bullet point Increasing people's awareness amongst those able to pay for the services we offer

Patients at Kabliji Hospital.

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