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Welcome to Kabliji Hospital

Kabliji Hospital Kabliji Hospital has treated over 500,000 patients
The Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre was founded on the principal that people living on low incomes in rural areas have the right to affordable, high quality healthcare, close to their homes and equal to that available in the cities. Over thirty-five years our medical staff have seen over 500,000 patients at the hospital and in the villages surrounding the hospital at Village Ghamroj on the Gurgoan-Sohna Road in Haryana.

Kabliji Hospital has increased child survival rates
As a result of the hospital's presence, the health status of the village communities, over four generations, has improved markedly. Women who once had poor health and no ante-natal care, had high morbidity and suffered high child mortality. Regular ante-natal screening at Kabliji has enabled successive generations to remain healthy during pregnancy and produce healthy children. Increasing survival rates have meant families have fewer children. These children are in better health and are being educated.

Kabliji Hospital operationsKabliji is funded entirely on the donations of people across the world who maintain an interest in the work we do, and the successes we have achieved. You can choose the area for funding that most interests you and support us in a variety of ways. We provide the information about costs to guide your choice.

You can help Kabliji Hospital
With more donations we can continue our work. We hope that you will be encouraged to become part of the Kabliji family and commit to making a regular donation to support the care and treatment we offer to the people living close to the hospital. Visit our 'you can help' page to learn more about what your support for our hospital's patients really means.

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