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Patwant Singh's vision

If the determination is strong enough
Patwant Singh
"On this particular day I saw a small group on the side of the road trying vainly to stop a bus. As I stepped out of the car, and saw a young woman in labour, it was obvious she was in need of immediate medical attention which no village midwife could offer. There was a tragic desperation in her family's efforts to get her to a hospital in time.

We succeeded in doing that, but the images stayed. The dusty landscape, the desperate look on the father's face, the unconcern of those who pass by with unseeing eyes, the fragility of human life.

These impressions lasted long enough for me to resolve to build a hospital there; to prove that private initiative can help in filling the unconscionable gap between the facilities that are accessible – though not necessarily available – to the twenty per cent of our urban people, yet denied to the other eighty in rural India.

The hospital stands on that stretch of road in testimony to the drive that can be generated if the determination is strong enough."

Patwant Singh - founder of Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre

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