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How you can help Kabliji Hospital

Join the Kabliji family

Patients at Kabliji Hospital.With more donations we can continue our work. We hope that visitors to our website will be inspired to become part of the Kabliji family and commit to making a regular donation to support the care and treatment that we offer to the people living close to the hospital.

Kabliji is funded entirely by donations from people from across the world who maintain an interest in the work that we do and the successes that we have achieved. You can choose the area for funding that most interests you and support us in a variety of ways. We have provided some information below about costs to help you choose.

Our annual challenge: planning and developing

Currently the hospital costs are Rs. 6,00,000 (GBP 6,000 or $10,000) per month or Rs 72,00,000 (GBP 72,000 or $120,000) a year which covers honorariums, salaries and professional charges to doctors and staff and costs of medical supplies, electricity, and diesel. Upkeep and maintenance are budgeted within the earnings of the hospital.

Our daily challenge: keeping the hospital working

Each patient visit costs the hospital Rs 1000/- (£10.00 or $16.00). This amount covers all general medical, ante or post natal and ophthalmic appointments. It also includes the remunerations for our 10 doctors, our 23 healthcare and support staff and the medicines, electricity and diesel needed to keep the hospital working.

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Shadow to light: restoring sight, dignity and independence

A patient being helped to the Kabliji HospuitalOur health workers travel to the villages to screen people who have lost their sight. The patients are brought to the hospital in our hospital transport. At the hospital each patient is assessed by the senior ophthalmologist and after a full health check is prepared for surgery. Besides free medication the surgery includes providing a new lens (IOL) which will help the patient see again.

Following the operation the patient may stay in hospital overnight to be monitored by the health staff. The patients are provided with a nutritious meal, and once they are cleared for discharge they are returned safely home again in the hospital transport. After 4-6 weeks they return to the hospital for a review by the senior specialist.

A donation of any amount can be made in the full knowledge that each patient is treated with the kindness and dignity he or she deserves. There are various ways in which you can make a donation, details of which appear below.

Download the Shadow to Light brochure here (PDF file) *

* PDF Downloads
If you are unable to download the form, you may need a PDF reader. You can download one free of charge from Adobe via the links below:

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Methods of payment to the Kabliji Hospital

You can either:

Bullet point Support one or multiple patient visits at Rs1000/- (GBP 10.00 $16) each visit.
Bullet point

Support one or multiple IOL operations at Rs. 6000/- (GBP 60 or $100) each.

Bullet point Commit to providing a grant to cover monthly costs of Rs. 6,00,000 (GBP 6,000 or $10,000) or an annual grant of Rs 72,00,000 (GBP 72,000 or $120,000) to the Trust which will enable us to deliver and develop our services.

If you are unable to commit to making regular payments, a one off donation of any amount will always be gratefully received.

For more information and a direct debit form become a Facebook friend of Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre www.facebook.com/pages/ KablijiHospital or email one of the Friends of Kabliji below.

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Donating with PayPal is the simplest way to support the Kabliji Hospital and is completely safe. PayPal automatically encrypts confidential information using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). PayPal servers are heavily guarded both physically and electronically and sit behind an electronic firewall unconnected to the Internet, so private information is available only to authorised computers.

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Donations by cheque to the Kabliji Hospital

Make your donation by cheque to:

Sardar Ram Singh Kabli and Sardarni Harnam Kaur Trust
11, Amrita Shergil Marg,
New Delhi,
110003 India


or .... 


UK Friends of Kabliji Hospital
c/o Dr Jane Grose,
The Bale House,
1 Ashleigh,
Kingsbridge Hill,
TQ9 5SZ.

You can download a Deed of Covenant form via this link (PDF) *

* PDF Downloads
If you are unable to download the form, you may need a PDF reader. You can download one free of charge from Adobe via the links below:

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More information about how you can support Kabliji Hospital

For more information contact Meher Wilshaw at patwants@vsnl.com for India or Dr Jane Grose at janegrose35@gmail.com for the UK.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the hospital, you can view or download a presentation and accompanying lecture notes below:

Donations in India made to The Sardar Ram Singh Kabli and Sardarni Harnam Kaur Trust, which runs the Kabliji Hospital and Rural Health Centre, are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

The Trust is registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 (FCRA) to accept donations in foreign exchange

Kabliji Hospital Trustees

Sardar Ram Singh Kabli and Sardarni Harnam Kaur Trust

Rasil Basu
B. N. Goswamy
Avininder Singh Puri
Meher Wilshaw

UK Friends of Kabliji Hospital – UK

Andrew Stewart
Dr Jane Grose

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Patients at Kabliji Hospital.

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